More than 80 percent of Daily Reporter poll respondents favor innovative safety device


Readers of The Daily Reporter overwhelmingly believe the State of Wisconsin building code should require arc fault circuit interrupters (AFCIs), according to a recent online poll by the building and construction newspaper. An AFCI is an advanced form of a simple circuit breaker that detects a dangerous condition in a home’s electrical system, which left uncorrected, can lead to an electrical fire. 


Results of The Daily Reporter survey ran strongly in favor of the innovative safety device with a whopping 82 percent of respondents answering yes to the question, “Should state building codes require the more expensive arc-fault circuit interrupters?”


While not scientific, The Daily Reporter poll illustrates the importance of and support for this potentially life-saving device.  When comparing the value of AFCIs to the hundreds of millions of dollars lost in electrical fires each year, saving a human life or preventing injury or property loss is well worth the cost of additional protection in the home, and certainly well worth the investment.


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