Monthly Archives: February 2008

Big Talkers

It was a busy week for Fedspeak. Fed Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke presented the FOMC’s forecast in his semiannual testimony to the House Financial Services Committee regarding the economy’s health and overview of monetary policy. He emphasized the downside risks

Florida Power Outage

Yesterday’s blackout in Florida provides another reminder that our economy is dependent on its electricity supply. While described as a “massive inconvenience” rather than an emergency situation, the outages did shut businesses and snarl traffic. The NERC disturbance report should

Circuits in Verse

At one point in his latest book, Pontoon, Garrison Keillor recites “Sunshine in the Night: A History of the Electrification of Lake Wobegon and Environs”, a locally epic saga by a semi-retired utility executive who wiles his days away composing: