Electrical and electronic manufacturers in the U.S. need to pay serious attention to an activity that will affect their businesses in the near future.  If U.S. industry doesn't get involved now, others will be in control of this emerging technology and maybe our products!
Today's nanotechnology article from IEC e-tech is an excellent illustration in making the case for anticipatory standards in the nanotechnology arena, particularly where nanomaterial subassemblies will be used in electrical and electronic applications such as solar cells, fuel cells and flat panel displays.  In so doing, the article also knocks down any argument that TC 113 is somehow not viable, or that all nanotechnology standards work should reside in ISO TC 229.  Indeed, the viability of TC 113 will become quite evident because, according to the article, "…the successful implementation of nanotechnology is more pressing (in electrotechnology) than in many other areas."
U.S. participation in TC 113, through the U.S. National Committee Technical Advisory Group (TC 113 TAG) is an effective vehicle for putting the U.S. in a lead role in nanotechnology standardization work, thus enhancing our competitiveness in the global manufacturing community.

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