South Carolina’s electrical co-ops have launched a campaign to place about 7 million CFLs throughout the homes of co-op members over the next ten years. Beginning this week, the co-ops will send each consumer-member two free CFLs. The 20 participating co-ops expect to distribute about 1.2 million CFLs this year.  The CFL distribution is part of a set of initiatives designed to save energy. Without new power generation, the demand for electricity in South Carolina could soon outstrip supply. According to an independent study, the number-one action South Carolinians can take to save energy is to replace standard lighting with CFLs or other energy-efficient lighting. Studies predict that if every household in South Carolina changed one incandescent bulb to a CFL, the state could save up to 83 million KW of electricity each year—enough to light all the homes in Columbia, SC, for a year.


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