The Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) last week issued a recall on counterfeit circuit breakers sold by the distributor Specialty Lamp International Inc., of Deerfield Beach, Florida.  The Counterfeit Circuit Breakers are labeled as “Square D” and approximately 371,000 have been distributed.  They may fail to trip when they are overloaded and pose a fire hazard to consumers.  The CSPC announcement provides information to identify the counterfeit circuit breakers. The recall is the culmination of lawsuit filed in 2006. NEMA had earlier announced the settlement between Square D and Specialty Lamp International which permanently enjoined Specialty Lamp and its officers from importing, selling, or distributing Square D products.  The counterfeit circuit breakers were imported from Bogota Columbia and probably manufactured in China. Counterfeits are robbing NEMA members of sales in the USA and in developing markets while putting consumers at risk.   More information on NEMA’s efforts to prevent counterfeiting can be found on the NEMA Website at:  


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