Last Tuesday’s (6/17) Financial Times featured some articles that struck common electrical cords: • A special section on South Africa highlighted an unsettling wave of power outages there in recent months, triggered by the long-standing government policy of not investing in infrastructure so as to avoid unpopular rate hikes. • An article on Iraq described how public confidence there continues to be undermined by the lack of reliable electricity, with many areas still receiving only one hour of juice per day. The government has plenty of unused oil revenues set aside for infrastructure investment, but either hasn’t chosen to, or simply hasn’t been able to, spend it all yet. Meanwhile, much of downtown Washington, DC suffered an outage on Friday 6/13, hemorraghing the city for a while. On other recent days, harsh storms caused us to lose power at home for one overnight two weeks ago and for several hours again last week. Finally, upon hearing where I work during a medical appointment a few days ago, a specialist who conducts imaging tests expounded about the imaging, cat-scan and nuclear equipment she uses. All of which reconfirmed to me that the many initiatives we’re working on here at NEMA are truly quite important.

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