As amazing as it sounds, there are candidates running for office that support certain union efforts to take away your right to vote in private when deciding on whether to join a union or not.   By a 4-1 majority, employees support the current federally-supervised private ballot system, but the so-called Employee Free Choice Act would eliminate that right and replace it with a system where your vote in no longer private but made public to your employer, union organizers, and fellow workers.    Such a change could result in intimidation and coercion in the workplace on something that is a personal decision.   Few realize that the legislation passed the House in 2007, but was defeated in the Senate; however, voters may not be aware that this legislation will be reintroduced when the new Congress comes into office in January 2009.   So, you may want to find out more about this attack on privacy and ask candidates where they stand on it.   The Coalition for a Democratic Workplace has information at   

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