Despite my already having undergone several parathyroid gland tests, the endocrinologist still couldn’t figure out why the calcium levels in my blood are high, so she told me it was time for an MRI scan – “I hope you aren’t claustrophobic”. Well, it’s not every day that you get to be a crash test dummy for a NEMA product – especially, by coincidence, after paying my annual life insurance premium earlier in the morning — and so I took proper precautions. Specifically, to cover my eyes I took along a sleeping mask, which yours truly tends to use most nights anyway, so as to simulate another one of those wonderful long distance flights to China. I never did see myself enclosed. All the repetitive loud noises were a surprise, but they had provided me with ear plugs, reinforcing my Dulles-to-Beijing shtick. Then, overcoming my initial reaction when the testing started (“Wow, this really #&%*@!”), I settled into thinking it was a live Philip Glass concert (Pink Floyd would be too generous), mentally composed this blog entry, remembered a few things left behind at home, and otherwise just floated through the whole half hour (my smoothest flight ever, and I’d been able to lie down). The toughest part was opening the jammed locker containing my valuables, then it was onward to the office to start my NEMA day. On the whole it was a fine experience. Everyone should be able to have an MRI some day – which is why NEMA continues campaigning for Medicare coverage of such procedures. So as far as I’m concerned I’ve survived the worst, but what will the doctor say?

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