NEMA is taking the lead in making Smart Grid and Energy Storage technologies a reality.  The NEMA Energy Storage Council (ESC) has held successful meetings where attendees have drafted a list of application categories that help define where Energy Storage (ES) and Distributed Generation (DG) technologies should play a role.  The NEMA ESC consisting of manufacturer, utility and government representative stakeholders further established and tasked a NEMA ESC Technical Committee (Stationary and Mobile Subcommittee) to identify specific action items aimed at facilitating the promotion of ES/DG technology to commercial and non-commercial markets.  The result of the NEMA ESC Technical Committee meeting January 15, 2009 was an agreement to present a proposal for an all encompassing ES/DG demonstration program to prove the criticality of ES/DG technologies to the Department of Energy.  It was fully agreed and can not be understated here that without the complete integration of ES/DG technologies to our ailing National electricity grid there can be no realized “Smart Grid.”  Through this proposed demonstration program ES/DG manufacturers aim to prove the essentiality of ES/DG technologies to Smart Grid functionality and to demonstrate to the Government and Federal Agencies that ES/ DG technology can drive increased grid reliability, further reduction of carbon emissions, advanced T/D/G (Transmission/ Distribution/ Generation) capability, islanding capability, renewable energy penetration, interconnection realization, voltage support for public transportation systems, remote area power system capability (RAPS), zero net energy building capability, energy security, economic studies/ cost benefit analyses, and where electrical standards are required.     The NEMA ESC has asked the Government Relations Department at NEMA to immediately get the message to Capitol Hill, The Obama Administration, DOE, FERC, NERC and other governmental agencies that NEMA is leading an effort to ensure Smart Grid success in addition to facilitating Energy Storage tax incentives equivalent to those being awarded to renewable technologies such as wind, solar, and hydro. For more information please contact Eric Schweitzer, NEMA Technical Program Manager at    


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