The death of a soldier electrocuted while showering at a military facility in Iraq a year ago may be changed from accidental death to negligent homicide.  Army criminal investigators say that KBR, the largest US contractor in Iraq, may have failed to have qualified electricians and plumbers undertaking installation work at military camps.    Up to 18 other deaths of military personnel and contracts have been blamed on faulty wiring or grounding. The installation codes and inspection practices developed in this country over the last 100 years have brought us unparalleled electrical safety, but they require a strict adherence to the rules the industry has developed.  A process in which NEMA, and it's members, have taken a leading role. Our troops in Iraq and Afghanistan spend their days in harms way, they should not have to face danger in their down time.  They deserve the same levels of electrical safety that we enjoy at home. 


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