The National Institute of Standards and Technology announced last week that it has created a new Smart Grid Interoperability Office to coordinate and accelerate the standardization framework initiative assigned to it under the Energy Independence and Security Act of 2007.  Good move.  An even better move is that NIST has selected Dr. George Arnold, formerly of Lucent Technologies and more recently Deputy Director of NIST Technology Services, as its  new Smart Grid Coordinator.  NEMA has been an ardent supporter of the NIST effort since its inception.  NEMA has also been urging more aggressive action on short term standards development.  It is common knowledge that the lack of standardization is holding up Smart Grid investment.  SDO's like NEMA and IEEE, have the people and the processes in place to produce standards in record time. George Arnold has the technical knowledge and an understanding of the standardization processes plus connections with the right people in government and industry to make this all happen.  NEMA is anxious to work with Dr. Arnold to break the business as usual mold and accelerate development of Smart Grid standards.  FERC is waiting.  Manufacturers have the technologies.  Dr. Arnold, welcome to Smart Grid!!


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