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A Small Problem?

The devastating consequences created by the residential mortgage market’s blow-up have been well documented. Now concerns over the broader impact of souring commercial real estate (CRE) loans are on the rise. The value of CRE loans outstanding is significantly smaller

Green in color only, sometimes. Concerns over advertising claims for Photoluminescent exit signage

Caveat Emptor, and Carry a Flashlight? Photoluminescent (PL) exit signs can be an excellent addition to the life safety outfitting of many facilities.  Their ease of application and use lend them to be favored by many building operators and sometimes even required by

Veterans’ Day

The difference between Veterans’ Day and Memorial Day  I have noticed that many (even within the media) confuse the meaning and are not aware of the difference between the Veterans' and Memorial Day Holidays.  Memorial Day honors service members who


Lead, Follow, or Get out of the Way The time intervals between the initiation of harmonization projects and the publication of the developed standards as well as their adherence to a realistic maintenance cycle are cause for concerns by industry