Reading news is one of my favorite hobbies (it even probably ranks higher than watching TV). Below are some recent items related to the electrical industry that I found interesting.

Captain Planet would approve: USA Today says that Oregon is getting the first U.S. commercial wave energy farm. I was surprised by the size of the buoys; the first one will be 150’ x 40’ and 200 tons. The expectation is that it will harness enough power for 400 homes. I’m curious to see the results of this initiative.

Majoring in the future of electricity: A college in Cincinnati will be offering a major in Smart Grid starting this fall. Considering how quickly the Smart Grid movement is growing, a lot of other schools will probably follow suit. This came earlier than I would have guessed, though.

Kick the light on: I recently heard about a rather athletic energy storage idea—a soccer ball that harnesses the energy from being kicked and thrown around and becomes a power source. Funny name, too—sOccket.

The how to of wind turbines: I liked DOE’s explanation of how wind turbines work. Neat fact: nacelles can be big enough for a helicopter to land on.

A PHEV’s footprint: I enjoyed thinking about the questions posed by Autoblog Green and AllCarsElectric about taxes for electric and hybrid cars. A lot of road construction is paid for by fuel taxes, and this new wave of cars will be purchasing a lot less gasoline—in some cases, none at all. I’m not sure where I stand on this. With more than 250 million registered cars in the U.S., this could become a costly problem, assuming that people switch over to new green options. Potholes wouldn’t be fun in any car.

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