Although the development and implementation of standards often goes overlooked their importance has never been greater. Standardization creates similar domestic (and often international) expectations ensuring that the products we buy, the services we receive and the messages we communicate are comparable no matter where we are located. In light of the ever-increasing rate of globalization the importance of comparable standards takes on new significance. Thanks to NEMA the meaning of standard has become synonymous with safety. NEMA publishes the six documents and corresponding color chart that make up the ANSI Z535 safety alerting standards. These six documents depict and explain the unique properties that can alert people to hazards at their home and work, ultimately reducing the risk of injury. We can all agree that at the most fundamental level implementation of the Z535 series equals a safer environment for both employees as well as employers. However, the benefits of these standards extend far beyond workplace safety. According to the ANSI website, “standards quicken the market acceptance of products while making clear how to improve the safety of those products for the protection of consumers.” Adherence to safety standards represents an investment in a vital asset for your home or business. To learn more on all the benefits of safety standards visit

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