NEMA took part in a Capitol Hill event on Thursday to reintroduce the Energy Savings and Industrial Competitiveness Act.  President and CEO Evan Gaddis conveyed our thanks to Senators Shaheen and Portman for continuing their vital bipartisan effort.

In our view, Shaheen-Portman is one of the most important pieces of legislation this or any other Congress could undertake to benefit our country’s future.

Why? Because it tackles market barriers to greater investment in industrial energy efficiency.

NEMA recognizes there is no greater return on investment to help achieve our nation’s goals for a clean and secure energy future than to undertake energy efficiency on an industrial scale.

Shaheen-Portman is important because it focuses on accelerating the adoption of energy efficient technologies and processes across our economy.

Given that we currently waste more energy than we consume, NEMA believes efficiency is an energy source, and in fact should be our “first fuel.”  The cleanest and greenest energy is energy you don’t need.

Shaheen-Portman will give us the tools to make energy efficiency more than just a buzzword in the three biggest energy-consuming sectors of our economy. They are (of course) the federal government, no. 1, followed by the U.S. industrial sector, and commercial and residential users.

This legislation will jump start the move to genuine “first fuel” efficiency, by mandating energy saving across federal agencies, providing incentives to manufacturers, encouraging public-private efforts to bring new technologies to market, and working with groups like NEMA to establish national consensus standards and codes that can reduce energy costs for consumers and businesses.

We call this a good down payment on providing America with a clean and secure energy future.

[NEMA CEO and President Evan Gaddis pictured with Senators Portman and Shaheen.]

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