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  • What's more dangerous than a fake Gucci?

    Trademark counterfeiting has reached the electrical sector. Counterfeiters have targeted well-known industrial and consumer brands, and registered certification marks of testing and certification laboratories.“Counterfeit electrical products can pose significant safety hazards and left undetected, can...
  • Growing Up

    In an article published this afternoon by Associated Press , DHS Secretary Michael Chertoff is quoted as calling on U.S. citizens who criticize increased border security measures to "grow up". At the end of the month, DHS will crack down on movements over the northern border, which in some...
  • Will Costa Rica Blow It?

    A few years ago, NEMA and its members lobbied long and hard for U.S. congressional ratification of a free trade agreement with the Dominican Republic and five Central American countries: Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua and Costa Rica. It was a tough, but ultimately successful battle, with...
  • Big Ben and More Talk about the “R” word

    A light week on the data front was offset by a key speech from Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke. In terms of major indicators, the only notable ones released this week were pending home sales and the trade balance. Pending home sales offered no new insights about the housing market, just more of the same old...
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  • Hurdles and Hope for Plug-In Hybrids

    Never underestimate the ability of market economies to adjust for shortages. With the price of oil at all-time highs, auto makers are moving into high gear (pun intended) to put plug-in hybrid electric vehicles on the road. The NYT ran an article yesterday on Toyota's and GM's plans to introduce...
  • “Hank Not Appalled by India”

    People find time for sessions with the Treasury Secretary, and last week’s heavily attended US-India Business Council roundtable was no exception. The talk was all upbeat – despite more recent turmoil than usual the Indian economy and stock market are doing well, and Washington-New Delhi relations really...
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