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Ohio at the forefront of electrical safety

Ohio’s recent adoption of the 2008 National Electrical Code® (NEC®) is a prime example of the state’s Board of Building Standards continuing to make home safety a top priority in the Buckeye State.  Unfortunately not everyone agrees. It appears that the Ohio Home Builders Association (OHBA) would prefer that the state operate using outdated electrical codes rather than heed the advice of a growing list of prominent fire and electrical safety groups that support the 2008 NEC® requirements.  

A key change, among others, in the 2008 NEC is the expansion of the requirement for arc fault circuit interrupters (AFCIs). Previously required in bedrooms, the updated code expands the use of AFCI circuit breakers to protect other living areas in the home, which could have a significant impact on the number of lives and property lost in residential electrical fires. NEMA has developed a Web site,, to educate consumers about this important safety device. 

The OHBA’s ill-conceived petition to rescind the AFCI and other updated 2008 NEC® requirements from Ohio’s electrical code speaks volumes about the value it puts on homeowner safety. Saving a few bucks is more of a concern for the HBA than the welfare of the families its members serve.  Putting electrical safety on the backburner may not be the best business practice if you’re in an industry that prides itself on having “a long and honorable tradition in American culture.”     

The Ohio Board of Building Standards should be commended for adopting the 2008 NEC®. Let’s hope they see past the HBA’s continued attempts to misrepresent the facts. With these updated and potentially live-saving electrical codes in place, new homeowners in Ohio can rest easy knowing their homes and families are safe from fires and other dangerous electrical hazards.  Ohio homeowners deserve nothing less.  

Posted 02-06-2008 9:26 AM by Gerard Winstanley
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Electricians wrote re: Ohio at the forefront of electrical safety
on 09-10-2009 4:55 AM

Thanks for this great service! I refer my clients to your website

Anonymous wrote re: Ohio at the forefront of electrical safety
on 12-29-2009 1:24 PM

Nice article... want to be a little more biased and opinionated? While these new regulations (AFCI, Tamper-Proof Receptacle) are good safety precautions, and I would recommend them, requiring them is a cost-prohibitive measure.  Now, DIY'ers will bypass inspections to avoid the extra cost involved to install these items, which itself is a very UNSAFE act.

Also, realize that AFCIs are just another level of protection in case the already existing code was violated.  If the previous code was followed correctly, then AFCIs would be unnecessary.  For instance, proper wiring, without staples through romex, stud guards, properly grounded circuits, properly utilized circuits, working circuit breakers... if you have all of these things covered, then the protection an AFCI brings is really not needed - no arcing, no heat, no problems.

Imagine a DIY'er fixing up a 1950's bungalow.  The circuit box alone now costs over $1K.  Given that, homeowners may just decide to live with the ever-so-safe knob & tube wiring and all those pretty orange adapters.

These items should be listed as recommendations only, and requirements for commercial jobs only.

Mark wrote re: Ohio at the forefront of electrical safety
on 06-23-2011 5:29 PM

Thank you very much. It's indeed very important to fight for safety. Here at, we provide excellent electrical services for Ohio residents.

Anonymous wrote re: Ohio at the forefront of electrical safety
on 10-13-2012 12:30 PM

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