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Wanted: U.S. Stakeholders for Nanomaterial Standards Development

Standards work for nanotechnology for "electrotechnical" products and systems is now underway within Technical Committee 113 (TC 113) of the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC).  Material suppliers, researchers and academia in the U.S. need to be involved to ensure strong U.S. competitiveness in the nanomaterial industries for years to come.  If we don't participate and lead, industries from other regions around the world will determine those standards for us! 

Standards are an essential driver to broad commercialization of new and emerging technologies.  As was the case for the semiconductor industry, performance and characterization standards will facilitate mass commercialization of nano-enabled materials and systems for applications like high efficiency fuel cells, highly conductive photovoltaic energy generation, lighter wind turbine blades, and next generation flat panel displays.


IEC membership is country-based.  U.S. stakeholders have voting rights through the U.S. National Committee to the IEC (USNC).  It's time to take part in these standards efforts by becoming a member of the USNC Technical Advisory Group to IEC/TC 113 (TC 113 TAG) today!

Posted 02-11-2008 3:08 PM by Leibowitz, Mike
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Graham Gallagher wrote re: Wanted: U.S. Stakeholders for Nanomaterial Standards Development
on 02-12-2008 7:20 AM

This is a very informative post and well worth the read.

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