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Florida Moves to Promote Electrical Safety by Stopping Counterfeit Products

Florida State Attorney General Bill McCollum unveiled Thursday proposed legislation that will combat counterfeit and pirated goods. Joined by two state senators and representatives from the U.S. and Florida Chambers of Commerce at the news conference, Attorney General McCollum noted that, “counterfeit goods need to be seen for the dangerous threats they truly are…Not only do these goods damage our economy, the can devastate our citizens’ health and well-being.” The Anti-Counterfeiting Act includes stronger penalties for those who manufacture, possess, or sell counterfeit goods. There is also a culpable negligence provision which allows for enhanced penalties of those who disregard human life or safety when they produce counterfeit goods. The proposed legislation (SB 2374 and HB 1417) is largely based upon the US Chamber of Commerce’s model legislation. More details can be found at:

Posted 03-08-2008 9:42 AM by Lindsay, Christopher

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