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The Consequences of NIMBY: You Can’t Have it Both Ways

Loudoun County, Virginia has been one of the fastest growing counties in the nation.  Nothing gets the residents’ blood boiling more than installing electric power lines.  The demand for electricity has been growing, and the demand for power in western Loudoun County exceeds the current supply.  There is not enough excess power on the existing lines to reroute to customers if one of the lines goes down.  Dominion Virginia Power has been trying to get approval for a new 230 kV line, but the NIMBY folks have been out in force opposing the new line.   The Town of Purcellville has experienced 7 power failures since Thanksgiving weekend, with outages lasting more than 24 hours.  Now Purcellville is complaining to Dominion Virginia Power about the reliability of their electrical service.  Some residents are demanding enforceable standards with penalties for not meeting the standard.  Maybe this is will be a wake-up call to the NIMBY crowd.  Sitting in a cold, dark house may get them to realize that opposing new power lines will result in continuing problems with outages.  Growing electrical demand requires more infrastructure. Leesburg Today Article - Dominion's Barker: We Will Do Better


Posted 03-10-2008 11:55 AM by Scott Choinski
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