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Energy Tricks for Kids

OK, so I won't sing anything about the children being our future. (You, dear reader, are very fortunate that this is not an audio-blog.) Still, we are all aware that kids tend to be early adopters of new technologies, ideas and ways of doing things. So I was pleased to see that the U.S. federal government's Energy Star program recently launched a new webpage with energy efficiency and conservation tips aimed at the younger set.

Now, I can't vouch for all of the bells, whistles and messages on the new page, but I thought the feature "You Can Make Big Changes", which depicts a well-appoointed teenager's bedroom, was particularly effective (since I learned something new from it). Have your kids and grandkids click on each of the icon-stars to get an energy savings tip (like, dude, turn off the ceiling fan in an unoccupied room).

The folks at Energy Star, with assistance from NEMA member companies, are preparing more fun and informative features aimed at getting consumers better informed about energy efficiency and energy saving, including on proper use of a programmable thermostat. Look for more during the summer and into the fall.

Posted 05-08-2008 2:06 PM by Updyke, Craig
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