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NEMA, SBIC, NIBS, HPBC, DOE, DOD, GSA. The first and the last three are easily recognized in this forest of acronyms, but what about the other three, and what do they mean to NEMA members?

SBIC is the Sustainable Buildings Industry Council . Its trademarked “Beyond Green” encompasses factors in buildings that include energy efficiency, sustainability, productivity, safety and security, accessibility -- in short, components of a high performance building. SBIC in conjunction with NIBS, the National Institute of Building Sciences, helped create and owns the Whole Building Design Guide,  (partially funded and widely used by GSA, DOD, DOE, and other agencies), and also served as the secretariat for the NIBS High Performance Building Council (HPBC).

The HPBC will be presenting its long awaited report to Congress at the initial meeting of the HPBCC (HPB Congressional Caucus) June 18. NEMA is a co-sponsor of the meeting and also sits on the SBIC Board of Directors and the HPBC Executive Committee. All of the above acronyms are playing increasingly active roles in the national conversations on energy efficiency, green technologies, and high performance buildings, and in some instances helping define them. More later ….

Posted 05-23-2008 10:59 AM by Hoyt, William
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