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Senate Medicare bills go a long way toward improving Medicare policy on Medical imaging

NEMA's Medical Imaging & Technology Alliance (MITA) believes that that the accreditation and appropriateness criteria provisions in both the Baucus and Grassley Medicare bills are an important step toward ensuring proper utilization of medical imaging services, while preserving seniors access to life-saving diagnostic and therapeutic imaging technologies.   


We are pleased that Congress has embraced appropriateness criteria and accreditation as the best approach to addressing utilization rather than policies such as preauthorization that are used by radiology benefit managers (RBMs).  As both parties work toward finalizing a Medicare bill, MITA looks forward to working with Congress to ensure that all Americans — especially those in the Medicare population who are most vulnerable — are able to access the medical imaging technology they need to help fight serious illnesses such as cancer, heart and vascular disease and orthopedic conditions.

Posted 06-12-2008 4:29 PM by Whitman, Andrew
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