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  • No Whining Here

    Do skyrocketing fuel prices, slumping dollar, a weak labor market and falling home values have you down? One thing that always seems to take the edge off our worries is shopping and, based on last month's results from U.S. retailers, plenty of shopping is being done. Indeed, the federal rebate checks...
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  • “Always Look on the Bright Side of Life”

    Our household’s experiment with NEMA-member-provided CFL light bulbs continues to have its moments. Recently, amidst yet another hailstorm of bulbs flickering, my better half suddenly burst out exclaiming “I hate these lights” -- which if nothing else sends the message that I’d best not take any more...
  • Even Congress Understands the Need for Building Code Enforcement

    Yesterday, the House of Representatives approved H.R. 4461, the Community Building Code Administration Grant (CBCAG) Act, by voice vote. This bill, and its Senate counterpart (S. 2458), would offer local governments a dedicated source of federal funding ($20 million a year for five years) for programs...
  • The NARUC Meetings - Monday Report

    During the opening session, Nancy Brockway from the National Regulatory Research Institute probably had the takeaway line. She noted that regulations are not the best way to incorporate novel technologies. While she did not have a prescriptive solution, she cautioned the audience to look behind the curtain...
  • A New, Even Better “Electric Company”

    Remember that dynamic TV show? Aimed at elementary school kids who had “graduated” from “Sesame Street”, “The Electric Company” (as in the light bulb going on in someone’s head) sought to generate interest in reading through a hip, humorous array of skits, songs and (for the time) advanced “electronic...
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