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  • Elasticity – It’s Not Just for Waistbands

    Many of us will be taking to the roads or skies this 4 th of July weekend to visit family members, go to the beach, set off some fireworks and/or pig out at a BBQ. Of course, soaring fuel prices have increased the cost of having fun to the point of keeping some people at home for this extended holiday...
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  • “Always Look on the Bright Side of Life”

    Our household’s experiment with NEMA-member-provided CFL light bulbs continues to have its moments. Recently, amidst yet another hailstorm of bulbs flickering, my better half suddenly burst out exclaiming “I hate these lights” -- which if nothing else sends the message that I’d best not take any more...
  • The Myth about the Myth About Manufacturing

    Is manufacturing dying in America? It's a topic that seems to come up every four years -- timed, of course, to coincide with the presential election cycle. Washington-based international trade attorney Gibert Kaplan explored the question in a recent WaPo column, titled " 5 Myths About The Death...
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  • No Whining Here

    Do skyrocketing fuel prices, slumping dollar, a weak labor market and falling home values have you down? One thing that always seems to take the edge off our worries is shopping and, based on last month's results from U.S. retailers, plenty of shopping is being done. Indeed, the federal rebate checks...
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  • The U.S. "Every Little BIT" Strategy

    What would you do if you were a lame-duck, pro-trade Administration with no remaining prospects for negotiating new free trade agreements? Well, you could do worse than start throwing Hail Mary passes in World Trade Organization negotiations and hope to complete a "Doha Round" deal by the end...
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