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LEDs: Taking a Bite Out of Energy Consumption

Seems lately every time I open the paper bad news glares at me. Defaults on mortgages. Banks going belly up. Strange food-borne illnesses. Higher food and fuel costs. More problems in the Middle East.

Thank goodness for the electrical industry and its non-stop pursuit of greater energy efficient technologies. As the New York Times reported yesterday, LED technology is joining CFLs in taking a bite out of our energy bills.  As the NYT article notes, LEDs -- light emitting diodes -- are no longer just for traffic lights, DVD players, and cell phones. Because they last for years, and because they use only 15 percent of the energy of incandescent lamps, LEDs are being tested for street and parking lot lighting, under-counter lighting, in commercial refrigerators, residential bulb replacements and office lighting, illuminating the outside of buildings, and a host of other uses.

True, they're relatively costly today. But so were incandescents and CFLs at one point in their early stages of development. As new technologies advance commercially, market forces inevitably drive their prices down.So, while LEDs can't protect me from high gasoline costs this month, they'll surely help bring our society's energy costs down in the coming years.

Posted 07-29-2008 12:05 PM by Stephen Gold
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John Caskey wrote re: LEDs: Taking a Bite Out of Energy Consumption
on 08-13-2008 8:12 AM

I agree with you findings. LED's may be the "best thing since sliced bread". I purchased LED's for my boat trailer lights and they are great. For people note familiar with boat trailers, the lights on trailers have always been a problem. You lights bulbs get very hot while you are driving the trailer to the water. Then you back your trailer into the cool water, and bang, the light bulb cracks. The "solution" used to be to unplug your lights when you got near the water and let your lights cool before you backed in the water. Now, with LED's we have a real solution because they don't get hot.

francis wrote re: LEDs: Taking a Bite Out of Energy Consumption
on 09-22-2009 12:32 PM

Great news worth taking a look at-Geothermal pumps are the most green and efficient heating and cooling systems on the PLANET today-this is very exciting!Francis

Alex wrote re: LEDs: Taking a Bite Out of Energy Consumption
on 02-03-2011 1:38 PM

LED's are now much more affordable today and they last much longer than other bulbs and don't contain mercury like CFLs do. I wrote an article about LEDs you might also like to read at

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