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  • The technology bridge for wind energy transmission

    Yesterday’s New York Times wrote about how the demand for wind generation is exceeding the transmission required to deliver that energy. While the article is correct that more wind can be integrated without new technology, intelligent systems (all part of the smart grid ) could act as a bridge during...
  • Atoms and Emissions on the Peninsula

    While earlier this month tanks were effectively demolishing Russia's recent "123 Agreement" on civilian nuclear trade with the United States, the U.S.' newest free-trade agreement partner, South Korea, announced a new long-term energy plan that calls for a substantial shift to nuclear...
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  • Taking away your privacy?

    As amazing as it sounds, there are candidates running for office that support certain union efforts to take away your right to vote in private when deciding on whether to join a union or not. By a 4-1 majority, employees support the current federally-supervised private ballot system, but the so-called...
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  • Voting -- It's Your Decision

    "The penalty that good men pay for not being interested in politics is to be governed by men worse than themselves" (Plato, 427-347 BC). As the November 4th election approaches, voters will be bombarded with campaign ads, flyers, web videos, emails --- all aimed at promoting a particular candidate...
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  • VAP on Parade

    Once again, as is done every two years, hundreds of hours of valuable time have been expended to solicit, respond, collate, and distribute a report on the status of the adoption of IEC standards by the 21 member economies of APEC, the Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation. Everyone in the private sector...
  • A (Brief?) Sigh of Relief

    With inflation hitting a 17-year high (subscription required) and foreign economic growth tanking (subscription req'd) (not to mention another military conflict breaking out ), things economic certainly could be better. Of course they could be much, much worse. The advance estimate for real GDP in...
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  • Wave That Light Bulb Flag

    I had to look twice upon seeing a picture of a Turkish woman carrying a light bulb flag in this week’s “ Economist ”. It turns out that this is the logo of Ankara’s ruling “Justice and Development” party – which is the English translation of what’s known in Turkish as the “AK Parti” (as seen in the photo...
  • Are we really running out of Fossil Fuels?

    NEMA's energy efficient products are playing a key role in conserving energy for our country, but this can't take the place of new energy supplies being sought and harvested responsibly within our own territory. Should we as the most powerful nation on earth really be satisfied with sitting on...
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