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EMF - the Phantom Menace

Is EMF Really out there?  While you cannot see them, Electromagnetic Fields are indeed present all around us.  There is even weak EMF when in an open field with no signs of civilization for miles around - the magnetic core of the earth generates such fields.  Are the fields a problem - for most of us the answer is No because the strength of the fields we are exposed to are not strong enough to have any effect.  If you happen to stand directly in front of a high-powered radar antenna then you could have a problem because the effect would be similar to an open air microwave oven in that the radar emissions could result in heating.  That is why there is guidance information, rules and regulations addressing exposure to EMF.  To help out, NEMA staff has assembled a compilation of such information available on its web site at  This information is based on data provided by the World Health Organization (WHO) website at the following address:  Please feel free to forward questions to Ken Gettman at

Posted 08-06-2008 2:52 PM by Gettman, Kenneth


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