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  • ICC moves to require CO alarms

    Congratulations to the ICC and its members for mandating the use of Carbon Monoxide detectors and for the countless lives this decision will help to save in the future! On Sunday, September 21, 2008, the voting members of the International Code Council assembled at the Final Action Hearings in Minneapolis...
  • Gone for Good

    While fierce debate continues [subscription req'd] in Washington over the Treasury plan, one event overlooked somewhat occurred during the weekend - Wall Street as we once knew it disappeared. After seeing three storied investment banks either falter or get absorbed by another company, Goldman Sachs...
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  • Smart Grid - A Step Closer to Reality?

    Federal officials, electric utility execs, manufacturers and distributors, researchers, and a host of others from around the world have come to DC this week in honor of GridWeek , an annual gathering of "Smart Grid" stakeholders and thought leaders that is sponsored by DOE and the GridWise...
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