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  • Headline “Electra”

    It’s worth clicking on the following link to access a recent CNN World Report on the European electrical and electronic industry’s new “Electra” initiative, which seeks to foster new technologies, an improved environment, and better Continental business conditions:
  • Dangers after the storm...and solutions

    As devastating as the damage caused by Hurricane Ike last week is, what is equally alarming is the growing number of deaths from carbon monoxide (CO) poisoning that have occurred as a result of improper use of portable generators after the storm. Last week the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission...
  • A Two-Way Street

    Discussions over free trade usually focus on imports - and these discussions often devolve into arguments over the impact of higher imports on U.S. manufacturers. Unfortunately, this obsession often causes us to miss out on the positives, such as those outlined in an article (subscription required) in...
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  • Electricity and Hurricane Season

    A tropical storm season that came in like lamb now seems destined to go out like a lion. While the remnants of Gustav soak the Midwest, we await Hanna's arrival along the East Coast in a couple of days. Close on its tail is Ike , and Josephine isn't far behind. Those of us in the electrical industry...
  • Contact Your Member of Congress NOW!

    This week, NEMA President and CEO Evan Gaddis sent a letter to congressional leadership. In this letter, he calls upon congress to pass the expiring tax provisions this year. In short, the provisions outlined in his letter are: the extension of the energy-efficient commercial buildings tax deduction...
  • The Plot Thickens

    All eyes have shifted to the unfolding turmoil on Wall Street. Among the newest storylines: mortgage-related losses forced mainstay Lehman Brothers to file for Chapter 11 bankruptcy, Bank of America acquired Merrill Lynch and the Federal Reserve's acquired a majority stake in insurance giant AIG...
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  • What Language Does Your Appliance Speak?

    For consumers interested in the benefits of modernizing the electrical grid, NEMA "smart grid" guru John Caskey published an article in this month's Appliance Design asking "What Language Does Your Appliance Speak?" Check it out .
  • GDP Redux

    Right after we find out the second quarter was a pretty good one in terms of real GDP growth, a NY Times article sought to throw some cold water on the celebration by questioning the usefulness of GDP as a statistic. Although the article makes a valid point that GDP is far from an ideal measure of ‘well...
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  • The Next Digital Decade

    Spent the morning today at the E-Biz Forum at the new Gaylord Hotel over at National Harbor . (The Forum, IDEA's annual conference, is designed to help folks in our electrical industry grow their bottom lines and increase productivity through eCommerce programs and technology.) I was delighted late...
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  • Critical Need for Coordination

    A proposal is now in circulation to amend UL 854, Standard for Service-Entrance Cables , to allow the assembly of multiple conductor Type USE and USE-2 cables (from 2 to 5 conductors) using the S-Z manufacturing process. The proposal states that this would offer more flexibility in manufacturing and...
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