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  • Making a Difference

    As I approached the Metro station this morning, I was greeted by a group of enthusiastic student types who challenged me to make a difference in my community. “I already make a difference in my community,” I responded with a smile. They thanked me profusely. I was thinking of the volunteer work I do...
  • CT Under Attack, Again

    Sunday's Los Angeles Times included an article entitled, “CT scans can be better medicine for doctors than for patients” that unfortunately gives readers an inaccurate picture of how physicians use computed tomography to care for their patients. To begin with, the piece overstates the growth and...
  • State-of-the-Art Roughing It

    Let’s hear it for back-to-basics simplicity, as a latter-day Thoreau might say, but for Henry David’s sake please be electrically secure about it. That’s what I liked about the YMCA family camp we attended over Labor Day weekend. There we were in a wooded, mountain-top setting, properly mixing the old...
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