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A True Bedtime Story

Once upon a time, when I was a little boy, I had a pillow for snuggling that had a basset-hound face with big, droopy eyes and ears, which I called “Battawee”. His name should have been “ Battery”, since my thinking at the time was apparently that he needed some sort of electric pick-me-up to get over his blues, but I was a little boy after all and “Battawee” is what I said.

Naturally this means there’s some irony to the fact that yours truly now works for the association of electrical and medical imaging equipment manufacturers. Yet while kids these days kids undoubtedly have a wider array of high tech toys (such as the “enviro-battery” advertised at from which to choose, few are likely as successful as my Battawee, which was intentionally designed to put me to sleep.

Funny, I don’t really know what happened to him, though I do recall my treasured pillow becoming a bit frayed at the edges. Presumably my parents were the ones who ensured his proper disposal.

Posted 09-02-2008 9:16 AM by Meakem, John

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