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Members Wanted for New IEC TAG for DC Accessories.

In January 2008 IEC TC23 approved the creation of its WG 8 tasked to evaluate electrical accessories within the scope of the TC for direct current (DC) applications.
The product scope of TC23 is defined as electrical accessories for household and similar purposes. For a more detailed description visit IEC's website: . 
In June 2008 the US National Committee (USNC), the ANSI designated representative in IEC, approved the creation of a mirror group IEC TC/23 WG 8 Technical Advisory Group (TAG) and designated the National Electrical Manufacturers Association (NEMA) as the TAG Administrator. Several NEMA members and associates have already expressed their interest in participating: Pass and Seymour, IBM, Interpower, Direct Power Technologies and UL. The TAG is responsible for a number of activities such as initiating new work proposals, advising USNC on positions to take regarding IEC issued documents in its purview, etc.  One responsibility of importance is that it nominates from its members the U.S. Experts, Project Leaders and Conveners to serve on the IEC working group. Membership in the TAG is open to all U.S. national interested parties.  A USNC TAG Participation Fee, currently at $285.00/year, will be assessed by ANSI for each member except existing ANSI organizational members.  Many of the TAG activities could take place via e-mail, teleconferencing and WebEx.  Some however, such as developing new documents, may need face-to-face meetings.Interested to join the IEC TC23 WG8 TAG?  Contact meAndrei


Posted 09-23-2008 1:31 PM by Moldoveanu, Andrei

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