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  • Not a Very Merry Christmas

    The federal government's $125 billion injection of equity capital into nation's 9 largest banks, along with several other concerted moves by the Treasury, Fed and FDIC are the first step in stabilizing the credit markets. With these efforts now moving forward, all attention is now being focused...
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  • "We’re in the Bazaar Now"

    Thus spoke Congressman Gary Ackerman of New York in a meeting three weeks ago as Capitol Hill's end-of-session scramble was starting, essentially indicating that it was well-nigh impossible to predict which legislative proposals would be going through. And this was before the financial crisis really...
  • Not Out of the Woods Yet

    Today's passage of EESA 2008 is expected to help shore up troubled credit markets in the weeks and months ahead. In addition, the legislation should help to bolster investor confidence and business confidence to some extent once it is up and running; however, data released this week only served to...
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  • Lost in the Shuffle

    As quickly as energy prices shot up earlier this year, they appear to be collapsing just as quickly. However, concerns over the financial and credit market crisis have largely overshadowed this. Falling prices generally bolster demand for a product, but concerns over the economy are keeping consumers...
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  • Why Did They Name An Orchestra After Electric Light?

    Why Did They Name An Orchestra After Electric Light? Working at NEMA as a non-technical specialist often has its “Hey what about…?” moments. And so in these days of financial uncertainty, while others might be seeing their lives pass before their eyes, here I am out of the blue remembering ELO. How did...
  • Do standards really make a difference?

    Some recent problems in Mammography make it abundantly clear that they do. Recently, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) got reports indicating that image quality from a number of full-field digital mammography (FFDM) units was being compromised when their images were displayed on some third-party...
  • Falling off A Cliff

    In a previous post I outlined one of the central problems behind the credit market crisis: plummeting house prices. Although most people have a general understanding of how much housing construction took place at its peak, the chart below illustrates how much (over)building took place during the boom...
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