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  • A Buyer's Market, Sort of

    The banks remain the topic du jour as economists and policymakers debate stress testing , nationalization ( pro and con ), and the zombie apocalypse. We'll take a break from these topics and focus on the sector that propagated much of the mess in the first place: housing. In a previous post I indicated...
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  • President's Budget Targets Our Aging Electrical Grid

    President Obama's proposed new budget was just unveiled, and true to his word he's included modernizing the electrical grid as part of his proposed overhaul of the nation's infrastructure. For example, on pages 22-23: Modernize the Electric Grid. We know that the existing electricity grid...
  • Tough Times

    Even as the new administration rolls out the dough from the stimulus package , offers up an outline to a new financial system rescue and proposes a program to stem the tide of foreclosures, U.S. manufacturers are in the midst of their worst run in decades. So far, industrial production has dropped 13...
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  • "Card Check" Bad for Small Business, Too

    Proponents of the so-called "Employee Free Choice Act" (EFCA) have sworn that the bill's provisions - allowing unions to be formed when a majority of employees sign authorization cards (often in the presence of their coworkers and union organizers) and forcing employers and employees into...
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