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  • Still Blowing in the Wind

    The U.S. Supreme Court may eventually hear arguments involving a Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals ruling last month that FERC cannot overrule a state's decision to reject a transmission project. The case involved two power companies that planned to build a high-voltage power line through multiple...
  • The Color of Money

    Well, we now know that Ben Bernanke is a man of his word. When the Fed suggested back in January that it would buy long-dated Treasurys, a lot of people just assumed it was a ploy to spook investors into re-directing capital out of the Treasury bond market and into riskier forays such as corporate bonds...
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  • Earth Hour vs. Human Achievement Hour

    Maybe you've heard of Earth Hour -- the World Wildlife Fund-sponsored "event" when businesses, households, and even some municipalities around the world will turn their lights off for an hour to raise awareness of global climate change. It's scheduled to occur March 28 from 8:30 - 9...
  • A Thriftier U.S. Consumer?

    In less than a year's time, U.S. households have gone from spending practically everything they earn, and then some, to socking away larger amounts of their incomes. It had been suggested that if the savings rate climbed even to levels seen during the 2001 recession, the current downturn would end...
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