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Thank you, Senator Specter...Great News for "Card Check" Opponents

Today, Senator Arlen Specter (R-PA) announced his intention to OPPOSE cloture and final passage of the misnamed "Employee Free Choice Act" (HR 1409/S 560), dealing a significant blow to the AFL-CIO and other proponents who had been counting on his vote to support the anti-democratic and anti-competitive legislation.

"The problems of the recession make this a particularly bad time to enact Employees Free Choice legislation. Employers understandably complain that adding a burden would result in further job losses....I am announcing my decision now because I have consulted with a very large number of interested parties on both sides and I have made up my mind. Knowing that I will not support cloture on this bill, Senators may choose to move on and amend the NRLA as I have suggested or otherwise. This announcement should end the rumor mill that I have made some deal for my political advantage. I have not traded my vote in the past and I would not do so now. " - Senator Specter, in a statement delivered on the Senate floor (3/24/2009)

Bravo, Senator Specter!  And bravo to those of you who have contacted your legislators and urged them oppose this bill - your collective voice makes a difference. Please keep the anti-EFCA drumbeat going by visiting NEMA's "Take Action" website.

In other EFCA news...a "compromise" being floated by Starbucks, Costco and Whole Foods met great resistance among industry and union officials alike, albeit for different reasons. Long story short, EFCA in any form is a bad idea and would be devastating to our economy.

Posted 03-24-2009 5:50 PM by Sarah Owen
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NEMA Currents wrote Card Check - Down, But Not Out
on 04-08-2009 10:44 AM

Opponents of the anti-democratic, anti-competitive "Employee Free Choice Act" (HR 1409/S 560

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