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Why a Memorial Day?

Memorial Day did not start out as a celebration day, a party day, a shopping day or even a time to thank those who have served or who are serving the Nation. It was meant as a time of remembrance and honor for those who had given the ultimate sacrifice in protecting us while in the service of this country. Originally called Decoration Day, specifically for Northern solders killed during our Civil War, it was later expanded after WW1 to include all men and woman who had made the ultimate sacrifice while in the service of our country.

I went to school in Fairfield Conn., where schools were generally named after patriots like Washington, Lincoln, Andrew Warde, Roger_Ludlow, Timothy_Dwight, Roger_Sherman and Nathan Hale, during a time when the town parade and subsequent memorial services on the town green were focal points of this special day.

Lest we forget why we have a Memorial Day holiday, I have included this link to help refresh our memories and perhaps to help explain this special day to those that weren't brought up in the public school systems of the late 40's, 50's and early 60's.

As we eat our barbecue, throw or watch our baseball, enjoy our picnics, or just relax with the family over the long weekend, we need to remember that the liberties we sometimes take for granted, including those fond memories of Memorial Day's past, have been bought and ensured by those who willingly paid the ultimate price.  

Posted 05-22-2009 2:11 AM by Buckson, William
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Moldoveanu, Andrei wrote re: Why a Memorial Day?
on 06-04-2009 12:05 PM

I happened to be in the National Mall on Memorial Day visiting the Memorials.  Rest assured: the crowds  waiting in line to pay their respects were a good testimony you don't have to worry.

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