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SAE Should Adopt Trinational Cable Tie Requirements

The SAE AE-8C2 Committee, which is responsible for maintaining SAE AS 23190, Straps, clamps and mounting hardware: Plastic and metal for cable harness tying and support, should strongly consider adoption of the trinational cable tie requirements in the soon-to-be-approved North American adoption of IEC 62275, Cable ties for electrical installations.

In its current state, AS 23190 does not recognize the improvements in cable tie material technologies that NEMA members have introduced that will satisfy the performance characteristics needed for extreme altitudes and temperature changes that cable ties in military air frames must withstand.  The AE-8C2 Committee's recent willingness to work with NEMA Cable Ties Section members to consider the North American-based IEC standard is a positive development.  This adoption will bring the AS 23190 requirements up to date and enable the cable ties industry to meet the military's ongoing performance needs through a flexible CANENA maintenance process.

Posted 06-02-2009 11:42 AM by Leibowitz, Mike

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