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Americans Understand the Need for a Competitive Manufacturing Base

Good news coming out of a recent Deloitte survey, undertaken in conjunction with The Manufacturing Institute.  Americans still view manufacturing as the most important industry for a strong national economy.  Almost three-fourths of respondents viewed manufacturing as a national priority.

Why is it a national priority?  Simply put, a manufacturing presence leads to the research and development ... which stimulates investment in capital equipment and in workers ... and leads to new processes and products ... and generates spillovers that benefit other economic sectors ... and ultimately leads to higher living standards.  (NAM made "The Case for a Strong Manufacturing Base" in its landmark 2003 study by that name.)

In the survey, most respondents also agreed that American manufacturing has a significant impact on their standard of living.

Glad to know that Americans still appreciate the role manufacturing plays in our economic well-being.  Hope policymakers understand this as well, as they move down the path towards significant new economic regulations that could make it harder for U.S. manufacturers to compete in the global marketplace.

Posted 07-01-2009 11:12 AM by Stephen Gold

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