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Time to Relax

Since I am in long-weekend mode already, and don't want to interrupt the reverie by pointing out that firm signs of economic recovery remain elusive, I thought I'd direct readers to some interesting takes on two important policy issues: cap-and-trade and health care. On the health care debate, Harvard's Greg Mankiw presents a nice discussion on some of the key issues, including the problem of monopsony, which Tyler Cowen then expands upon. As for the Waxman-Markey cap-and-trade bill, Lynne Kiesling (smart-grid proponent and a supporter of emissions trading) of Knowledge Problem weighs in with her concerns while Cowen contributes to the discussion on the potential threat to free-trade found in the legislation.

Posted 07-02-2009 1:07 PM by Brian Lego


Lynne wrote re: Time to Relax
on 07-02-2009 1:53 PM


Thanks for the link! I would just add that while I believe that emissions trading honors the underlying problem, which is ill-defined property rights, I do not believe that this Congress or this piece of legislation are capable of producing an institutional design to deliver on that potential.

Enjoy your long weekend!

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