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  • Fun with Numbers

    Since Thanksgiving is upon us, it’s a good time to take a step back from the ups and downs of the economy. A timely Wall Street Journal article suggests oft-repeated data on how many turkeys will be eaten and the ranking of Thanksgiving air and road travel are overhyped and probably inaccurate...
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  • Bad News on Jobs

    Even as numerous indicators suggest that the economy is emerging from recession, one of the most important of all continues to worsen. The Bureau of Labor Statistics reported today that the unemployment rate rose to 10.2% in October (subscription required), its highest since April 1983. Statistics like...
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  • Housing Blues, Part Deux

    Just when it seemed everyone thought the housing market was beginning to see some silver lining start to show, the MBA’s quarterly report on mortgage loan delinquencies and foreclosures offered a fresh reminder of how tenuous the situation remains for housing. Indeed, the report showed that 14...
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  • A Small Problem?

    The devastating consequences created by the residential mortgage market’s blow-up have been well documented. Now concerns over the broader impact of souring commercial real estate (CRE) loans are on the rise. The value of CRE loans outstanding is significantly smaller than residential loans ($3...
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  • A Plug-in Pilot

    I just heard about The EV Project , which officially launched last month. The Electric Transportation Engineering Corporation (eTec), using a $99.8 million grant from DOE, plans to install 11,210 chargers for electric vehicles in five states. During the 36-month project, chargers will be installed in...
  • Hope for Faster Permitting in Siting Transmission Corridors

    The federal government took steps recently to speed up the approval process for electricity transmission lines. Or at least, to speed up the permitting on federal lands. An agreement between the White House and eight federal agencies puts one agency in charge of the cumbersome process of approving transmission...
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