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It's Time to Consider Nano-Electrotechnology Standards

If they haven't already started, NEMA Sections need to be forward thinking and begin working with the U.S. TAG's that represent their products in the IEC to create a road map for integrating nanotechnology standards that will compliment the end-product standards in the appropriate IEC Technical Committee and their Section's scope.  Delegates at the recent IEC TC 113 (Nano-Electrotechnologies) plenary meeting in Tel Aviv were presented such a road map from TC 86, Fiber Optics, and standards for the nanotechnology aspects of fiber optic cables were included.
NEMA Sections whose products can benefit from nanomaterial technology should work with their U.S. TAG to map out such a strategy, bring this to the international level and collaborate with the TC 113 TAG along the way.

Posted 11-03-2009 11:29 AM by Leibowitz, Mike

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