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Energy Star makes a U-turn on programmable thermostats

Last week EPA held a webinar on a revised Energy Star specification for programmable thermostats.  This reverses EPA’s previous announcement that it would suspend the Energy Star labeling of thermostats by the beginning of 2010.  Nearly 100 stakeholders, including NEMA Staff and members, participated in the meeting. While the existing specification was out of date, suspending the labeling would not have been in the best interests of consumers.  NEMA and its members were able to convince EPA that the specification could be updated and still meet the current Energy Star brand requirements. 

 Kudos to EPA for making an 11th hour U-turn to keep the labeling program for programmable thermostats.  These devices control about 40 percent of household energy consumption.  EPA’s support through Energy Star will go along way toward helping to meet US energy use reduction targets.

Posted 11-23-2009 10:19 AM by winstanleyg

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