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  • CPSC - The Little Agency that Could

    This week I am attending the International Consumer Product Health and Safety Organization (ICPHSO) Annual Meeting and Training Symposium. ICPHSO is an "organization dedicated to addressing health and safety issues related to consumer products marketed globally," and this conference brings...
  • News Roundup

    Reading news is one of my favorite hobbies (it even probably ranks higher than watching TV). Below are some recent items related to the electrical industry that I found interesting. Captain Planet would approve: USA Today says that Oregon is getting the first U.S. commercial wave energy farm. I was surprised...
  • Fire Safety

    The Fire Marhal in Loudoun County, Virginia has seen a need for smoke alarm installation and maintenance in the County. While the annual death rate of people from fires has fallen dramatically over the past 25 years, the percentage who died at home has remained high at approximately 75 - 80%. The useage...
  • Is This the Beginning of the End?

    Of the mortgage foreclosure crisis, that is. Maybe. Or perhaps it’s just the end of the beginning. According to data released today by the Mortgage Bankers’ Association (MBA), the percentage of mortgage loans delinquent by at least one payment or in foreclosure declined for the first time...
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  • A Turn for the Worse for Housing?

    We generally advocate not overanalyzing one-month fluctuations in economic data too much, given the inherent possibility of weird seasonal adjustments, bad weather, etc. Unfortunately, while we don’t suggest hitting the panic button just yet, lousy readings on new and existing home sales suggest...
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  • The Malaise Continues

    Despite hopes of a solid start to 2010, the U.S. labor market stumbled into the new calendar year. Although payrolls aren’t declining at the rate they were a year ago, outside of a 64,000 gain in November employment has been falling non-stop since January 2008. In fact, today’s report showed...
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