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The Importance of Surge Protection

Came across an article in the Washington Examiner this week.  An arc in an underground power line caused a surge that blew off an electric meter in the basement of an apartment building in Washington, DC, and caused a small electrical fireFortunately no one was hurt, but 75 people were temporarily displaced. 
This demonstrates that residences should be protected from surges to prevent costly damage.  The members of NEMA's Low Voltage Surge Protective Devices and Surge Arrester Product Groups manufacture products which protect residences and electrical equipment from the damaging effects of surges.

Posted 02-05-2010 5:21 PM by choinskis


Joe Estrada wrote re: The Importance of Surge Protection
on 08-15-2013 7:50 AM

As a licensed electrician with many years in Orlando, Florida ( I agree of the importance of surge protection, especially in Florida with the bad thunderstorms. They can cause our lights to flicker and the power to surge or spike.

It is crucial to have surge protection to avoid any damages to your properties and injuries.

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