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Home Builders Association Shuns Safety for Reduced Housing Cost

The Pennsylvania Builders Association (PBA) filed a lawsuit against the Pennsylvania Department of Labor and Industry seeking an injunction to stop implementation of the revised Uniform Construction Code, which utilizes the 2009 International Code Council (ICC) Codes. The suit claims that the new regulations will increase the cost of a new, average-size home by approximately $15,000.

The petition includes a table that lists the cost of some of the changes in the Residential Code.

Fire Sprinklers:                          $6041 to $7494

Energy Requirements:                $3800

Structural:                                 $1800

Electrical and Mechanical:            $1800.

The last group of changes includes installation of Arc Fault Circuit Interrupters, Tamper Resistant Receptacles, increased dryer duct sizes, and make-up air for fans exceeding 400 cfm. 

What is the cost of the loss in personal safety incurred if these technologies are not included in new construction?

Posted 04-19-2010 1:25 PM by Baclawski, Vince
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