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CFLs and Recycling at Earthfest 2010

Last month, NEMA participated in Earthfest, an “eco concert” celebration in Boston, Massachusetts. Thousands of patrons enjoyed a day of music, food, and the opportunity to learn about the environmental work of exhibiting organizations.

Representatives from NEMA, Veolia, Waste Management, and OSRAM Sylvania enjoyed educating consumers on the importance of properly disposing of CFL lamps. We engaged concert goers with live demonstrations of energy efficiency, educational handouts, and temporary tattoos with the recycling symbol around a CFL lamp. Many were unaware of the disposal ban in Massachusetts, though many were aware of the energy savings that CFL provided. 

CFLs (the little swirly lamps) are excellent energy savers and are generally four to five more times efficient than incandescent bulbs. Because of their efficiency, they reduce the need for power plants that have emissions containing mercury, carbon dioxide, and other pollutants that contribute to climate change. However, CFLs contain a small amount of mercury and should be properly disposed.

NEMA created to be a “one stop shop” for those looking to recycle and/or properly dispose of lamps.

For information on where to recycle other products, visit

Posted 06-21-2010 12:09 PM by borcherdtv


shredding San Antonio wrote re: CFLs and Recycling at Earthfest 2010
on 04-28-2011 8:25 AM

New products keep on getting manufactured because of their high demand from consumers and this poses a threat to the supply of our resources such as trees. Aside from that, we should also think about the proper disposal of used CFL bulbs.

A wide array of eco-friendly products that we can choose from, depending on our needs and preferences. The important thing is that we also make an effort, as simple as it may seem like that of shredding our used paper to be used for other pursposes at home or at the work, is evidence enough of our awareness that our planet needs our help.

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