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The Master's Voice (Illumination Innovation, Part 2)

If you follow the development of LED lighting, you probably already read the "Postings" blog of Jim Brodrick, LED program manager at the Department of Energy. But have you ever heard "the master's voice"? On the landmark occasion of a new LED lighting demonstration project with the Department of Labor here in Washington, Dr. Brodrick was interviewed this morning on a radio program aimed at federal workers in the DC area. You can access the audio file here.

As detailed by Grant Wasson in yesterday's NEMA Currents posting, the DOE-DOL demo has replaced high pressure sodium lighting on one floor of the DOL parking garage with LED fixtures. The demo is remarkable for the win-wins: energy savings and better light quality (color, distibution and uniformity). DOE administers similar demo programs of LED technologies around the country through its GATEWAY program.

According to Charlotte Hayes, a senior DOL official, the DOL headquarters is an Energy Star building and the management is intent on looking for ways to keep and improve that status as an energy efficient structure.



Posted 07-07-2010 6:34 PM by Updyke, Craig
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