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Could a nanomaterial solve corrosion dilemma from problem drywall?

Can a magnesium-titanium-oxygen-based nanomateriaI remediate corrosion reportedly caused by Chinese drywall? This article says it can.  Chinese-made drywall is said to have affected plumbing and electrical wiring and led to and respiratory problems.  If the corrosion problem can be resolved without having to tear down walls or replace wiring, contractors and remediation firms should give this nanomaterial a look.

Posted 08-09-2010 3:53 PM by Leibowitz, Mike
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Sarah wrote re: Could a nanomaterial solve corrosion dilemma from problem drywall?
on 10-09-2010 5:55 AM

One effective way to combat corrosion problems is by the use of desiccants like Silica Gel.  These are the same small sachets you find in packaging of various products like electronics, garments, etc.        

Silica Gel works by absorbing the moisture in its surrounding area.   For most corrosion challenges, it does the job pretty well.     Small sachets cost less than a dollar.  It truly is a cost effective way of protection from moisture.  

There is a lot more information on our website at

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